Influential, Effective and Efficient

AVF provides financing for young digital companies operating within the high growth new media advertising sector. The founder members of AVF have been investing their financial and intellectual capital within the new media industry for over 12 years, and in that time have been instrumental in bringing several companies to market. The combination of available financing with the esoteric knowledge of the founders makes AVF an influential, effective and efficient vehicle for the companies seeking cash to realise their potential.

The structure of the financial investments that AVF make are typically in mezzanine debt vehicles, and backed by warrants, or occasionally other near-equity or equity assets. Typically the cash is used to finance short term growth, bridge capital, or as a revolving line of credit to manage short term cash flow requirements. Companies seeking AVF capital need to show steady, significant and recurring revenues, from debtors well known in the online advertising sector. Companies can use the funds for a variety of uses, however common uses are for growth, acquisition, LBO/MBO’s, re-capitalisations, and re-financing of incumbent debt.